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Tired of molding your business around your current substance abuse and medication dispensing software?

We have the solution.

We will customize SAMMS to suit your organization's needs and get it done fast.

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SAMMS is used in clinics in 23 states

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SAMMS Manages 80,000+ Patients

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SAMMS offers a complete EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for substance abuse treatment clinics, specializing in clinics dispensing Methadone and Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex, and generic Buprenorphine). SAMMS is also used in organizations which offer non medication-assisted treatment.

Key Features

  • Dispense any type of medication by hand or automatically with a SciLog or Ivek pump
  • Comprehensive intake assessment, treatment planning and customizable service notes
  • Complete electronic medical record using electronic signatures
  • Form designer lets you create an electronic version of all paper documents
  • Complete billing system includes patient billing, state funding, and third party insurers
  • Toxicology and lab testing randomly scheduled with automated requisitions and results
  • Extensive reports built in as well as the ability to create custom ad hoc reports